Sempatherm Radiator Insulation Panels

Save Energy – Save the Environment – Save Money


Sempatherm Radiator Insulation Panels are specially designed to reduce the amount of heat loss from your radiators into the walls.  In addition the profile of the Sempatherm Panels substantially improves air circulation which immediately makes rooms warmer and eliminates cold spots.

Sempatherm Radiator Panels are a simple to install measure to help reduce your fuel bills and have a life expectancy of 10 years +.

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Save Energy – Save the Environment – Save Money

  • Quick and easy to fit
  • Reduces heating bills by 12-15%
  • Payback in under a year
  • Makes rooms warmer immediately
  • No need to remove radiators
  • Cost effective
  • Saves energy
  • Reduces wear and tear on boiler
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Helps combat global warming

Save Energy – Save the Environment – Save Money

Save Energy – Save the Environment – Save Money

Sempatherm Radiator Insulation Panels are simple and quick to install, each radiator only takes a few minutes to complete.  Can be made up to fit any size radiator.

Supplied in D.I.Y. Packs which contain 10 or 20 Sempatherm Radiator Insulation Panels, double sided tape and application instructions.

A 10 Panel Pack is sufficient for 4-5 radiators, A 20 Panel Pack is sufficient for 8-10 radiators.

Sempatherm Radiator Insulation Panels can also be supplied in bulk in 500 and 1000 Panel Packs.

Technical information:

Panel Size:  600mm x 530mm

Fire Classification:  Class 2 surface spread of flame BS476 Part 7

Carbon Saving:  93kWh per square metre, accepted energy saving measure for EEC – Ofgem Technical Guidance Manual Issue 1

Life Expectancy:  10 years

Independent Tests:  BRE Feb 2007

Full application instructions inside each pack



Fitting SEMPATHERM Radiator Insulation Panels is quick and easy to do and it is not necessary to remove the radiators.  SEMPATHERM Panels can be fabricated to fit any size radiator in either width or height.  The only tools you will require are a measuring tape and some scissors.


1.         Measure from the inside of the wall fixing bracket to the inside of the other which gives you the width of the central radiator panel (fig. B).

2.         Measure from the outside of the wall fixing bracket to the edge of the radiator – this gives you the width of the two outside panels.

3.         Measure from the bottom of the radiator to within 2cm of the top which gives the height of the three radiator panels.


4.         Make the radiator panel to the required width by either joining whole SEMPATHERM Radiator Insulation Panels together or cut a section from one of the panels (fig. C) for the exact width.  SEMPATHERM Panels can be easily cut using ordinary scissors.  Stick the panels together using the double sided tape (fig. D) (fig. E).  If part sections are needed, overlap and apply tape over saw tooth profile then fix in place.  It is essential that the final made-up panel has a flat edge all the way round to ensure a good bond to the wall when taped and fitted.

5.         Make the radiator panel to the required height by overlapping sections of SEMPATHERM Insulation Radiator Panels.  First, remove the flat edge from the edge of the panel that you are using to overlap.  Then overlap the panels to make the required height and stick together using the double sided tape.  (fig.F)

6.         Having made the centre radiator panel, next make up the side panels.  In practice you will normally find that one of the four profiled sections of the SEMPATHERM Panel will fit the width, it will just be necessary to increase the height as per (5) if required.


7.         It is very important that the wall surface behind the radiator is clean and dry to ensure good adhesion of the tape.

8.         Before applying the tape, check that all the panels fit correctly behind the radiator.

9.         Apply the double sided tape to flat surfaces on the back of the made up SEMPATHERM Panel.  Apply tape to top, bottom and sides of the panel and at intervals on the vertical flat tracks.

(fig. G)

10.       Remove the backing tape, slide the radiator panels behind the radiator then press into place. (fig. H)  Start from the top and fix a little at a time.  Then, using a bamboo cane or similar on the vertical tracks, smooth down until firmly fixed.

11.       Using the same method, apply the two side panels.


It is essential that the wall surface behind the radiator is thoroughly dusted before fixing the panels.  The ability of the tape to stick to the wall will be substantially reduced where the surface is dirty, dusty or the paint/ wallpaper is flaking.  The double sided tape supplied is suitable for all surfaces except embossed or textured wallpapers.  Use an impact adhesive, No Nails adhesive or similar in these situations which can be obtained from most DIY outlets.