Sempatap Adhesive

Adhesive for applying Sempatap Thermal, Sempatap and Sempafloor

Pack size: 5 litres

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PREPARATION – Surfaces must be sound, smooth, dry and free from contaminants.  Very porous surfaces should be primed with one coat of Sempatap A Primer.

APPLICATION – Stir well before use.  Apply one liberal coat of Sempatap Adhesive by brush, roller or notched trowel e.g. Sempatap Spreader.  Apply the Sempatap Adhesive to one metre wide of wall, ceiling or floor surface extending application 10 cms only.

COVERAGE – Approximately 5 litres for each 12.5m², depending on condition and absorbency of the surface.

WORKING TIME – Up to 60 minutes, depending on temperature, humidity and absorbency of the surface.

STORAGE – unopened containers should be stored in dry, well ventilated conditions between 5°C and 30°C.  Protect from frost.

CLEANING – Brushes, rollers and trowels must be cleaned after use with water whilst the adhesive is still wet.

PRECAUTIONS – Do not apply loads or move furniture on the floor until the adhesive has fully set.


Obtain the relevant Material Safety Data Sheets and follow the advice given.

Ensure adequate fresh air ventilation during and after use.

Avoid prolonged contact with skin, use barrier cream or gloves for the hands.  In case of contact with eyes, mouth or nose, wash with water and obtain medical attention.  If spilled, remove and dispose of in accordance with national and local regulations for waste materials.