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Regardless of the property type, every house has mould spores that are completely harmless and often lie dormant. However, in the right conditions, these spores can develop and germinate into growths of black mould.

Mould only needs a small amount of nutrients to grow on any wall or ceiling, regardless of its decorative finish. Once mould spores have started to germinate, they will spread in the air and on to clothes, carpets, furnishings and more. These can then begin to smell and can be a health risk.


Mould is typically formed when condensation from damp arises. However, a small number of complications can happen due to rising damp, penetrating damp, true dampness, leaks and burst. The occurrence of condensation in homes has increased in the last few years, mainly due to a lack of heating and inadequate ventilation.


The lack of insulation can result in cold ceiling and wall surfaces. This can be a particular problem when some areas have been insulated but other adjacent areas have not been due to the nature and design of the building. Typical examples are Mansard, Dormer and flat roofs where there is no void space for loft insulation and solid wall construction houses.


No matter how big or small the contamination of mould is, it can have serious health ramifications, especially for asthma and other respiratory conditions. However, it’s not just furnishings and other objects in the house that mould infects. It can also affect our food with dangerous toxins, which increases the chances of food poisoning.


MGC Mould Treatments, Fungicidal Paint/Paste Additives and Fungicidal Paints and Coatings are approved under C.O.P.R 1986 by the Health and Safety Executive.  MGC mould removal products provide a proven and effective solution for the eradication and prevention of mould problems, even in the most severe situation. Sempatap and Sempafloor thermal insulation are economical, easy to use solutions for condensation problems on cold walls, ceilings and floors.

PROBLEM                                                           SOLUTION

Severe Mould                                                     MGC Professional System

Our range of mould removal products includes bulk systems for treating severe mould problems and Biocheck range of fungicidal paints and coatings for redecoration.

Moderate Mould                                               RLT Pack – Biocheck

Complete system in a pack to treat 45-50m² and Biocheck Matt, Silk and Water Based Gloss for redecoration of treated areas.

Mild Mould                       Mould Eradication Kit Biocheck BB Pack

The Mould Eradication Kit is a compact treatment for dealing with small areas of mould.  It is a mould removal product designed specifically for use by tenants and is sufficient to treat 10-12m².

Mould Eradication Kit

The Biocheck BB Pack is ideal for treatment of problems in kitchens and bathrooms.

Biocheck BB Pack

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