Does your property suffer from water penetration? resulting in excessive heat loss and damp? Haloseal is the product you need to use to resolve any issues with water penetrating in your property.

Over the years most building materials deteriorate and become porous. The extent of deterioration is dependent of geographical location, exposure to the elements and quality of construction. Eventually, however, water penetration can become a major problem leading to many other secondary problems:-

  • Frost attack, spalling of brickwork, render and tiles.

  • Deterioration of mortar joints.

  • Efflorescence.

  • Blown plaster and black mould growth internally.

  • Moss, lichen and algae growths.

  • Heat loss and increased fuel costs.

  • Carbonation attack and spalling concrete.

  • Cavity fill saturation and bridging

HALOSEAL is non-silicone water proofer; it penetrates deep into the fabric and becomes an integral part of the substrate. As a result of the depth of penetration, HALOSEAL is extremely beneficial in keeping the wall and substrate dry, which reduces excessive heat loss that occurs through damp walls.

Haloseal is Effective everywhere: – old property – new property – bricks – tiles – concrete – render – stonework. Product is simple to apply. One coat application sufficient, treated surfaces stay cleaner longer; can last up to 10 years. See main Haloseal page for BENEFITS