Insulating Ceilings, Mansard Roofs & Dormers

Sempatap Thermal Insulation

For application to flat ceilings, dormer and mansard roofs,

Apply the SEMPATAP ADHESIVE to the ceiling surface using a small brush to cut in around the edges and a medium pile roller for the main area.

Only apply the Adhesive to one length area at a time.

Leave the adhesive for a few minutes to go tacky.

Roll up the cut length with the foam side facing out.

The foam side goes against the ceiling, the woven fibreglass surface faces into the room.

Apply your first length to the wet Adhesive starting at the junction of the ceiling and the wall.

Smoothing out using the SEMPATAP SPATULA as you unroll the material across the ceiling.

You may find application to ceilings, mansards and dormers easier with two people.