Exterior Coatings

Our range of Exterior Paint Coatings include:

Biocheck Pliolite® Resin Based Masonry Paint

Haloseal Masonry Waterproofer

Lichenite Masonry Biocide



To stand the test of time an exterior masonry paint must resist the elements: wind-driven rain, sun, temperature extremes and atmospheric pollution, whilst at the same time retaining its decorative appearance. This means blistering, loss of adhesion and unsightly dirt retention must be avoided. These properties can only be obtained if the paint film has good long-term performance and is applied under the right conditions. BIOCHECK ALLWEATHER meets this dual requirement, thanks to its excellent inherent film resistance and great application security, whatever the site conditions. The all-weather application properties of BIOCHECK ALLWEATHER greatly extend the painting window, allowing exterior decoration to continue in conditions, and at the time of year when it would not be possible to proceed with traditional water bourne masonry paints. In addition, the active Biocide inhibits the return or growth of algae.

BIOCHECK ALLWEATHER Masonry paint has excellent adhesion on any type of surface For maximum adhesion you need a very strong physical bond between the paint film and the substrate. To achieve this the paint resin must penetrate deeply to ensure optimum adhesion to the substrate. The average size of dissolved Pliolite® resin particles is several thousand times smaller than that of emulsion resin particles found in common water-based masonry paints. BIOCHECK ALLWEATHER Pliolite® resin-based masonry paint will therefore penetrate and adhere to even the most difficult masonry surfaces without the need for a separate primer.

Breathability for long-term performance Masonry paints must meet two contradictory requirements:

Act as a barrier to rain.

Allow the release of any moisture contained in the substrate or coming up from the ground by capillary action.

BIOCHECK ALLWEATHER Pliolite® resin-based masonry paint acts like skin satisfying both criteria:

The film does not allow rainwater to pass into the wall because the capillaries in the film are much finer than those in the wall.


The microporous nature of the paint, plus its excellent adhesion, allows moisture in the  wall to pass through the paint without blistering.

All-weather application The film formation of BIOCHECK ALLWEATHER is unaffected by the climatic conditions.

Application is thus possible at low temperatures (down to -20° Celsius) and at high temperatures. BIOCHECK ALLWEATHER will resist rain or mist only 20-30 minutes after application. The coating, therefore, allows the contractor to use an external decorative material without the problems associated with exterior painting during the winter months. This greatly extends the painting window enabling work to be carried out to tight time scales.

Self cleaning characteristics BIOCHECK ALLWEATHER Pliolite® resin based masonry paint is formulated in such a way that it is “self cleaning”. A few microns of the surface of the paint film are regularly eliminated by rain, removing any retained dirt, leaving an “effective” film thickness bonded to the wall to provide complete long term protection. The “self cleaning” function of paint films based on Pliolite® resins is unique in combining long-term protection of the surface with good colour retention.

Algal Resistance

Many coatings may resist algal growth when initially applied, but will not prevent growth after even short periods of exposure. This is particularly relevant in areas of humidity and on properties affected by previous microbial infections. BIOCHECK ALLWEATHER Pliolite® resin-based masonry paint has been specifically formulated, incorporating an active biocide, to provide long term protection against damaging and disfiguring organic growth.