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Mosses, lichens and algae cause several problems; they can grow on virtually any roofing material their root systems can bore into solid granite up to 12mm! So once established on tiles, they allow the passage of water into the substrate which gives rise to frost attack and shaling of tiles as well as excreting acids, such as oxalic, which attacks the alkalinity of materials used, further weakening the tiles and bleaching the colour out. Heavy moss contamination when soaked by rain will considerably increase the weight load on a roof. Once established these colonies lead to the rapid deterioration and breakdown of roofing materials eventually necessitating costly replacement.

M.G.C. has specialised for nearly 50 years in the study of microbial attack on buildings. Based on this experience M.G.C. developed a range of systems and treatments to eliminate all types of moss, lichen and algae infections on all varieties of roofs and roofing materials. These treatments not only eradicate the growths but protect the roofs from reinfection.

Products which can be used for Roof Care Systems

LICHENITE – treatment for roofs infected with mosses, lichens and algae.

HALOSEAL – A clear, colourless solution of complex stearates which has the ability to protect roof surfaces against water penetration and prevent the regrowth of mosses, lichens and algae for up to ten years.

ROOFCOAT FR10 is an ideal product for roof repairs when adverse weather conditions prevail and can even be applied in the pouring rain.


Do you have problems with moss, lichen and algae growing on your property?  Litchenite is the product which can resolve issues associated with moss, lichen and algae in and on your property.

Mosses, lichen and algae can become a problem on modern buildings, resulting in brickwork, concrete, asbestos, stonework and masonry finishes disfiguring facing bricks, they cause erosion of the mortar joints, they hold and attract moisture, storing it within the brickwork or surface on which the mosses, lichen and algae grows, causing problems of water penetration.

THE SOLUTION LICHENITE has been used to treat thousands of dwellings, LICHENITE kept buildings completely free from mosses, lichen and algae for years, compared to other products at where growths returned within 6 months. Product is fast acting and prevents re-growth.  Can be used on – brickwork, stonework, concrete, tiles and asbestos roofs. Woodwork flat roofs, porches and corrugated asbestos plus Algae on render, on paths, walkways, drying areas and forecourt. See Lichenite page for more information

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Does your property suffer from water penetration? resulting in excessive heat loss and damp? Haloseal is the product you need to use to resolve any issues with water penetrating in your property.

Building materials can deteriorate and become porous.  In some houses over the years, water penetration can become a major problem leading to many other secondary problems.  HALOSEAL is non-silicone water proofer; it penetrates deep into the fabric and becomes an integral part of the substrate. As a result of the depth of penetration, HALOSEAL is extremely beneficial in keeping the wall and substrate dry, which reduces excessive heat loss that occurs through damp walls.

Haloseal is Effective everywhere: – old property – new property – bricks – tiles – concrete – render – stonework. Product is simple to apply. One coat application sufficient, treated surfaces stay cleaner longer; can last up to 10 years. See main Haloseal page for BENEFITS

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Roof Waterproofing with ROOFCOAT FR10

Does your property have a Leaky roof? Flat or pitched, tin or corrugated?  perhaps your guttering or porch is leaking.  Roofcoat FR10 is an amazing, easy to apply product which works instantly for roof waterproofing.

ROOFCOAT FR10 is a waterproofing compound which is elastomeric and has exceptional adhesion to virtually any roofing material. It’s been specifically developed to provide instant roof waterproofing for leaking roofs; it’s an all-weather product which can be applied to your roof, even in the wet. The product is multi-purpose and can be utilised on a wide variety of problem areas.

The ROOFCOAT FR10 SYSTEM is easy to use, does not require special primers and gives long term protection of 10 years or more and is a very economical product.  This roof waterproofing product can be used on many roofing surfaces, some of the areas of use:- Flat roofs, asbestos roofs, porches, Finlock gutter, Valley/Cast Iron gutters, Plastic Rainwater Goods, Bay Window Tops and Corrugated Tin Roofs amongst other areas, see main Roofcoat FR10 page for additional information.

ROOFCOAT FR10 is available in 6 colours – Black, Grey & white to ordeer.

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