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Mould Treatment & Video

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Properties, regardless of their construction, have mould spores within the fabricproducts/mould/amateur/, which are dormant and completely harmless, until they are given the right conditions to germinate resulting in extensive growths of black disfiguring mould. Mould arises in homes as a result of dampness; the main cause is condensation, although a small number of cases occur due to rising damp, penetrating damp, bursts and leaks. Mould in houses, even a small contamination, is a serious health risk which can result in asthma and other respiratory diseases. Mould also attacks foodstuffs resulting in dangerous toxins which in turn can give rise to food poisoning.  MGC Mould Treatments, Fungicidal Additives for Paint/Paste and Fungicidal Paints and Coatings are approved under C.O.P.R 1986 by the Health and Safety Executive. MGC products provide a proven and effective solution for the eradication and prevention of mould problems, even in the most severe situation.


Severe Mould MGC Professional System Moderate Mould RLT Pack/Biocheck Mild Mould Eradication Kit & Biocheck BB Pack

*Note – The Mould Eradication Kit is a compact treatment for dealing with small areas of mould. It is designed specifically for use by tenants and is sufficient to treat 10-12m2.  The Biocheck BB Pack is ideal for treatment of problems in kitchens and bathrooms.


MGC BIOCHECK Range – water based decorative coatings

The BIOCHECK range of coatings for interior surfaces have been specially formulated for areas where high humidity and condensation can lead to the growth of black disfiguring mould. BIOCHECK contains unique biocides which prevent the growth of mould on walls and ceilings.  The Biocheck range is Mould resistant, works in severe condensation situations, allows surfaces to breathe, can be painted or wallpapered over, its water based so washable and easy to keep clean and has been approved under C.O.P.R 1986 by the Health and Safety Executive. The range consists of BIOCHECK Matt and Silk Emulsion giving finishes comparable to first class emulsion paints.  BIOCHECK water based gloss is a solvent free paint for use on windows, doors, skirting etc. Water Based Gloss and Halocell 221 Cellar Coating, all resulting in decoration with resistance to mould.

HALOCELL 221 – Water Based Epoxy Coating

Is a water based general purpose epoxy coating which can be successfully applied to damp areas to prevent mould growth from occuring. It is an ideal product for use in any area or surface above or below ground which needs a highly durable coating capable of stopping dampness, preventing mould growth and gives a decorative finish, such as Cellars, Tunnels, and Basements.  Dries to a white, durable decorative finish.  HALOCELL 221 can be applied to concrete, natural stone, floor screed, render, brickwork, block work, plaster, asbestos cement and asphaltic substrate. Easy to apply using a brush or roller. This product has been approved under C.O.P.R 1986 by the H.S.E

MGC Mould Resistant Sealant

Is a one part acetoxy silicone sealant which is highly resistant to mould, it includes a fungicide to prevent mould growth, it is a white silicone rubber sealant. MGC Mould Resistant Sealant forms a highly durable rubber seal which will not shrink, crack or crumble. The sealant will adhere to glazed ceramic tiles, Porcelain, Vitreous enamel, Glass, Stainless steel, Polyester coating, PVC coated steel, Wood and many other substrates. The Mould Resistant Sealant can be used in refrigeration units, laboratory fittings, worktops, baths and shower areas, food prep areas, sealing worktops, around basins, sinks to seal expansion and corner joints on wall cladding systems.


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MGC Mould Treatments – Trade Products Retail Products