Our range of Exterior Treatments & Paint Coatings include:

Biocheck Pliolite® Resin Based Masonry Paint

Biocheck SP Water Based Masonry Paint

Biocheck Alkyd Gloss

Biocheck Alkyd Undercoat

Haloseal Masonry Waterproofer

Lichenite Masonry Biocide

M.G.C. is a unique Company which has specialised for over 47 years in the study of microbial attack on buildings. Based on this experience M.G.C. developed a range of systems and treatments to eliminate all types of moss, lichen and algae infections on brick work, masonry stonework all types of wall surfaces and varieties of roofs and roofing materials.

The solution is LICHENITE which has been used to treat thousands of dwellings, LICHENITE has kept buildings completely free from mosses, lichen and algae for years, compared to other products at where growths returned within 6 months. The product is fast acting and prevents re-growth.  Can be used on – brickwork, stonework, concrete, tiles and asbestos roofs. Woodwork flat roofs, porches and corrugated asbestos plus Algae on render, on paths, walkways, drying areas and forecourt.

LICHENITE is a colourless easily applied solution applied by brush or low-pressure spray to infected areas. It is left on the surface for 72 hours to allow the root structures within the substrate to be killed off. LICHENITE is approved under The Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 (as amended) for use as directed. H.S.E. No. 7497. See Lichenite page for more information

Biocheck Pliolite® Resin Based Masonry Paint

To stand the test of time an exterior masonry paint must resist the elements: wind-driven rain, sun, temperature extremes and atmospheric pollution, whilst at the same time retaining its decorative appearance. This means blistering, loss of adhesion and unsightly dirt retention must be avoided. These properties can only be obtained if the paint film has good long-term performance and is applied under the right conditions. BIOCHECK ALLWEATHER meets this dual requirement, thanks to its excellent inherent film resistance and great application security, whatever the site conditions. The all-weather application properties of BIOCHECK ALLWEATHER greatly extend the painting window, allowing exterior decoration to continue in conditions, and at the time of year when it would not be possible to proceed with traditional water bourne masonry paints. In addition, the active Biocide inhibits the return or growth of algae.

Biocheck SP Water Based Masonry Paint

BIOCHECK S.P. masonry coating and its primer sealer HALODEC are designed to prevent algae growths on top of and behind the decorative finish and in hairline-cracks which lead to early breakdown of coatings.

Halodec Stabilising Primer


A clear, colourless solution of complex stearates which has the ability to protect surfaces against water penetration and prevent the regrowth of mosses, lichens and algae for up to ten years. It can be applied to uncoated brickwork, stonework, masonry, concrete, asbestos, clay and concrete roof tiles, slates etc. HALOSEAL penetrates into the substrate and protects against further deterioration and does not result in shiny surfaces when dry. HALOSEAL is moisture vapour permeable and allows residual moisture to dry out. 

Building materials affected by algae, lichen and mosses can deteriorate and become porous.  In some houses over the years, water penetration can become a major problem leading to many other secondary problems.  HALOSEAL is non-silicone water proofer; it penetrates deep into the fabric and becomes an integral part of the substrate. As a result of the depth of penetration, HALOSEAL is extremely beneficial in keeping the wall and substrate dry, which reduces excessive heat loss that occurs through damp walls.

HALOSEAL is Effective everywhere: – old property – new property – bricks – tiles – concrete – render – stonework. Product is simple to apply. One coat application sufficient, treated surfaces stay cleaner longer; can last up to 10 years. See main Haloseal page for more information

These treatments not only eradicate the growths but protect from reinfection.