Sempatap Thermal Insulation for Landlords

Solid Wall Insulation for Landlords

MGC have specialised in dealing with Black Mould, Damp and Condensation problems for nearly 50 years and have a range of treatments for solving these problems.  Our materials have been successfully used by Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Private Landlords throughout the country for eliminating these complaints.

Small outbreaks of mould can be successfully treated with MGC’s Mould Eradication Kit (MEK). It contains RLT Bactdet 05, RLT Halophen and MGC Fungicidal Additives, sufficient materials to treat 10-12 m2 of mould. MEK’s have been extensively used by Local Authorities and Housing Associations for over 25 years to solve mould problems.


Medium to severe contaminations of mould can be eradicated using the RLT Pack which contains sufficient materials to treat 45-50m of wall/ceiling area. Biocheck Fungicidal Emulsion is designed specifically to provide long term protection against mould attack in severe condensation situations.

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“If you are going to decorate you might as well insulate your solid wall property”

Insulating a solid wall property has, in the past, been expensive or disruptive. Heating a solid wall home is costly – 45-50% of your heat escapes through the walls. There is an easy solution – Sempatap Thermal, thermal insulation on a roll, as simple as wallpaper to apply. It can be applied by a local contractor, decorator or even by yourself. Sempatap Thermal can be decorated with emulsion, wallpaper, even tiled and has a life expectancy of 30 years. It can be installed with the tenants in situ which avoids the necessity to decant.

Sempatap Thermal has been in use in the UK and Europe for over 20 years. It has been installed in many thousands of flats and houses owned by Local Authorities and private homeowners. Sempatap Thermal is specifically developed for energy conservation, when applied inside the property on external walls, it substantially reduces heat loss and rooms immediately feel warmer as well helping to alleviate condensation problems. Your tenants will also benefit from lower heating bills. It has been tested by the National Physical Laboratory and the Building Research Establishment. Sempatap Thermal can be installed in any type of solid wall home, solid brick, stone, concrete as well as flat roof ceilings, mansard roofs and dormer ceilings. Sempatap Thermal is the economical method of insulating your solid wall property and currently insulation costs can be offset under HMRC L.E.S.A. (Landlords Energy Saving Allowance).

A Free application DVD is available that shows how quick and simple Sempatap Thermal is to apply

It’s as easy as wallpapering.