Thermal Insulation

Interior Wall Insulation

Sempatap Thermal has been in use in the UK and Europe for over 30 years and has been successfully installed in 1,000’s of houses, flats and apartments by homeowners, private landlords, local authorities and housing associations. It's a remarkable material which, when applied to the internal surfaces of external walls, flat or mansard roofs, substantially lowers heat loss, dramatically reduces condensation and immediately makes rooms warmer and more comfortable

When our installing our solid walll insulation, there is hardly any mess or disruption and it can be installed without having to vacate the property. It can be decorated with virtually any finish – emulsion, wallpaper and it can even be tiled. It has a carbon score and a life expectancy in excess of 30 years and can be redecorated time and time again without any problem.

Sempatap Thermal was originally developed for energy conservation as an economical retro fit solution, into the myriad of housing types, for reducing carbon emissions and lowering heat loss. The specific application was improving the thermal performance of solid wall homes which historically had been considered difficult to insulate because of disruption to the occupant or very expensive systems, hence the reason properties had attracted the name “Hard to Heat Homes”.  Of the UK’s housing stock, 36% are solid wall construction, over 9 million made up of solid brick, solid stone, pre 1944 timber frame and non traditional PRC i.e. concrete properties.  In these types of properties heat loss through the walls is high – 45-50% – as a consequence heating bills are higher in comparison to an equivalent cavity wall property. 

It's the economical solution to overcome all of these problems – it is quick to install, can be applied with the resident insitu and immediately reduces heat loss giving warmer walls which present a surface on which moisture will not condense and save money on your energy blls.

Sempatap Thermal does not reduce the room size significantly, there is therefore no need to re-site and extend electrics and plumbing or reduce and refit floor coverings i.e. carpets, vinyl, laminate which would be necessary with some other internal solid wall insulation materials/methods.

Areas of Application

It is applied to the internal face of the external walls of a property, it is not necessary to apply the insulation to internal party walls.  It can be installed in any type of solid wall house including solid brick, solid stone, concrete etc. however, is equally beneficial on cavity walls in flats and houses, particularly northeast facing bedrooms.

Sempatap Thermal is also particularly effective on the ceilings of flat roof extensions where there is little or no roof insulation. The material is also excellent for alleviating cold bridge problems caused by cantilever beams with walkways, ring beams, balconies and bridging from Finlock gutters.

Dormer ceilings and mansard roofs present a major problem as it is virtually impossible to insulate economically using traditional methods. As a consequence, they become a magnet for any condensation which then results in black mould everywhere. Sempatap Thermal interior wall insulation is  the simple  answer to this problem which is quick and easy to install.

It has also  been used in schools, hotels, park  homes, canal boats, village halls, caravans, yachts and trains. 

Our insulation not only has outstanding thermal properties but it can also be used as acoustic insulation and will substantially reduce noise problems by insultating solid walls. Sempafloor can be used for problems of condensation, heat loss and acoustics on floors. 

Benefits of Sempatap Thermal 

  • Eliminates condensation
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Immediate warmth & comfort
  • Lower fuel bills
  • Stops mould problems
  • Economical to use
  • DIY insulation

Discover our range of condensation solutions to prevent mould growth below. For more information call our team on 01372 743 334

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