MD2000 Peltier Dehumidifier

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Condensation occurring on walls, ceilings, windows and other cold surfaces is a major heachache for homeowners throughout the UK. read more

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Condensation occurring on walls, ceilings, windows and other cold surfaces is a major heachache for homeowners throughout the UK. It is particularly prevalent between October and April, known as the “condensation season”, however can occur at anytime given the right conditions.

The average family, 2 adults and 2 children, can produce up to 25 litres of moisture in a day, which sounds a staggering amount but this is just through living in the property – cooking, washing, bathing, drying clothes and breathing. Pets too, create condensation and can add to the total amount. It is important to control condensation otherwise it will lead to unsightly and unhealthy mould growth, it will find its way into wardrobes and cupboards and ruin clothes and furnishings.

MGC PELTIER DEHUMIDIFIERS are an easy and economical method of extricating the moisture from the air before it can cause any damage.

The PELTIER DEHUMIDIFIER is ideal for use in flats and houses suffering from condensation problems. It utilizes a thermo electric Peltier module, therefore there is no noisy compressor and it has low power consumption.

The dehumidifier is light weight and portable so can be moved from room to room as required. It will extract moisture at the rate of 350ml at 30ºC and 80% rh (relative humidity). It is easy to operate and has a 2 litre water tank and auto shut-off when the tank is full and a built in carrying handle.

Ola Compact Dehumidifier with 1.5 L Tank Capacity

This Compact Dehumidifier is light and portable, with a 1.5 L water tank capacity and features a thermo-electric Peltier module - meaning it has no compressor and boasts low power consumption. Simple to operate and quiet in use, this stylish, slimline dehumidifier features an attractive and unusual LED light function to show normal operation or tank full warning. The compact-size Dehumidifier would be a welcome addition to any home or small office. Other features include auto-shutoff when the tank reaches maximum capacity for total peace of mind, as well as an inbuilt carry handle for portable convenience when moving this lightweight Dehumidifier from room to room.

  • A stylish unit for use in the home or small office
  • Attractive and unusual LED light feature
  • Extremely quiet operation for background running
  • Lightweight, portable and easy to use
  • Total peace of mind with auto shut-off when tank is full

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