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Properties, regardless of their construction, have mould spores within the fabric products, which are dormant and completely harmless, until they are given the right conditions to germinate resulting in extensive growths of black disfiguring mould. Mould arises in homes as a result of dampness; the main cause is condensation, although a small number of cases occur due to rising damp, penetrating damp, bursts and leaks. Mould in houses, even a small contamination, is a serious health risk which can result in asthma and other respiratory diseases. Mould also attacks foodstuffs resulting in dangerous toxins which in turn can give rise to food poisoning. All MGC Mould Treatments, Fungicidal Paint/Paste Additives and Fungicidal Paints and Coatings are Approved Under C.O.P.R. 1986 (As Amended). MGC products provide a proven and effective solution for the eradication and prevention of mould problems, even in the most severe situation.

MGC Mould Treatments – Trade Products

MGC’s mould treatments have been successfully used throughout the UK for over 58 years by Local Authorities, Housing Associations, private landlords and home owners.

The professional system for Works Departments and contractors consists of Bactdet D 05 for killing the mould and cleaning it off the contaminated surfaces.  It is essential this stage is carried out before any preparation work is undertaken, stripping wallpaper etc, to prevent the mould spores from spreading throughout the property.  Bactdet D 05 is applied using a brush, sponge or cloth, extending the treatment one metre beyond visible signs of mould.  Wallpapered surfaces should be washed prior to stripping, then removed and the surfaces washed again.

The second stage is Halophane Bonding Solution which is the most important part of the system, it penetrates into the substrate of the surface killing the roots of the mould, hyphae, and sets up a permanent barrier to prevent them from regerminating.  Apply by brush, one neat coat, to the previously contaminated area extending the treatment one metre beyond the area of infection and allow to dry. The final stage is decoration with Biocheck fungicidal emulsion which has been specifically formulated for use in high-risk condensation areas to provide long-term protection against the reoccurrence of mould growth.  It is recommended that Silk is used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Providing the treatment is carried out strictly in accordance with the specification, the system will provide a minimum of five year protection against regermination.

MGC BIOCHECK Range – water based decorative coatings

The BIOCHECK range of coatings for interior surfaces have been specially formulated for areas where high humidity and condensation can lead to the growth of black disfiguring mould. BIOCHECK contains unique biocides which prevent the growth of mould on walls and ceilings.  The Biocheck range is Mould resistant, works in severe condensation situations, allows surfaces to breathe, can be painted or wallpapered over, its water based so washable and easy to keep clean and has been approved under C.O.P.R 1986 by the Health and Safety Executive (As Amended). The range consists of BIOCHECK Matt and Silk Emulsion giving finishes comparable to first class emulsion paints.  BIOCHECK water based gloss is a solvent free paint for use on windows, doors, skirting etc. Water Based Gloss and Halocell 221 Cellar Coating, all resulting in decoration with resistance to mould.

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