About Us


Mould Growth Consultants has been established for 56 years and is an ISO 9001 accredited Company and a unique SME organisation specialising in solving problems of micro-biological deterioration of buildings.  Over the past five and a half decades MGC have built up a reputation for successfully solving difficult maintenance problems of black mould and mildew infecting walls and ceilings inside buildings and external problems of moss, lichen and algae contaminations.

About Us

Based on the Company’s unrivalled knowledge and experience with Local Authority and Housing Association flats and houses they have developed a range of specialist treatments which have been successfully used by the Company’s customers for over five decades.  For the past 25 years MGC has been involved in energy conservation particularly for solid wall homes and has developed an effective, economical, solution for insulating these properties along with other energy saving products, helping private homeowners, Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Landlords improve the energy efficiency of their solid wall properties.

The Company’s product range also includes black mould treatments, fungicidal paints, waterproofing, masonry paints and coatings, moss, lichen and algae treatments, flat roof repair compounds, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, radiator insulation panels, dehumidifiers, comfort thermometers, air monitors and survey kits. The wide range of maintenance solutions and preventative measures for flats, houses, schools and other public sector buildings and structures offers customers a complete solution to maintenance problems.  Technical support is always available to ensure problem identification and correct application of treatments.

An ISO 9001 Accredited Company

As an ISO 9001 Accredited Company MGC prides itself on providing the highest level of customer care and after sales service.  Technical support is available across the whole of the UK provided by MGC staff able to respond quickly to customer enquiries and survey requests to ensure accurate problem identification and correct application of treatments.

All MGC’s products and treatments are manufactured to the highest quality and standards.  The MGC range of fungicidal products are approved under COPR 1986 (as amended) by the Health and Safety Executive.  The fungicidal paints have been tested by the Building Research Establishment and the Paint Research Association.  MGC’s thermal insulation has been tested by the National Physical Laboratory and figures produced by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) show substantial energy savings and carbon reduction. Clients can have confidence in the quality and efficacy provided by all of MGC products which have been successfully used by Local Authorities, Housing Associations, private landlords and homeowners for over fifty years.


MGC provides a free analytical survey service to all Local Authority, Housing Association and commercial clients to assist in the solving of severe maintenance problems, in particular investigating mould and condensation inside buildings and externally, moss, lichen and algae contaminations.


The correct analysis of problem areas is paramount to a successful and long-lasting treatment.  A poor specification will result in early failure and further expenditure for the client.  With an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and experience, MGC provides a technical service and customer back-up second to none.  From an initial analysis of the cause of the problem, through to the specific treatment selected from a range of remedial and protective coatings, a team of professionals works with the Client on both the immediate problems as well as the long-term cost-effective solution.

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