Friday 29th November 2019 is national Fuel Poverty Awareness day, which is coordinated by National Energy Action (NEA) to raise awareness issues faced by those living in cold homes. This is a very real and serious problem. It’s been reported that fuel poverty affects around 4 million UK households annually and caused 17,000 deaths in 2016. Along with NEA, we hope to raise awareness so everyone is able to live in a warm and safe home.

How well is your house insulated?

As winter approaches, we expect it to get cold outside but not in our homes. If you have a low household income, we understand it can be a struggle to pay energy bills, which is not helped if your house is poorly insulated.

In recent years, there has been a focus on building homes with good insulation. A quick glance at the EPC rating of new homes shows this. Effective insulation means a house can be heated much more efficiently.

The Effects of Poor Insulation

However, poor insulation not only affects the warmth of the house, but it can cause further problems for your home, such as condensation. Condensation occurs when there’s excess water vapour in the house and it comes into contact with colder surfaces.

A buildup of condensation provides the ideal environment for mould to grow. Mould is unpleasant to live with and can affect your health quite seriously. Before things get worse, its best to the root cause of the problem – cold, poorly insulated homes.

Our offer

We’re offering 30% off our Sempatap Thermal 12.52 m roll until Friday 29th November. Our roll is quick and easy to install, reduces condensation and makes rooms noticeably warmer, which helps prevent mould generation and health risks.

For more information or if you want to order our Insulation Super Saver, contact the office today. If you want to learn more about reducing mould, see our user friendly ‘help reduce mouldy’ video to help keep you warm this winter.