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Condensation, Damp & Mould Growth

These are major complaints and maintenance headaches suffered by local authorities, housing associations and private landlords across the country.

These standard condensation advice leaflet – although good – often does not get read by the tenants or is immediately consigned to the bin!

The Reduce Mouldy DVD. Developed by NPS Group, is designed to help your tenants improve the living environment of their homes.

It is a very user friendly information DVD accompanied by a helpful booklet, in which Mouldy explains how to reduce condensation by taking some very simple measures.

The Reduce Mouldy DVD

The Reduce Mouldy DVD and booklets are available in boxes of 50. These handy packs are ideal for staff to carry with them when visiting tenants, to have on display in reception area and local housing offices, and to include in re-let/new tenant welcome packs.

The Reduce Mouldy DVD and booklets are designed specifically to take a much softer approach to a problem which has always been a very contentious and emotive subject to discuss with tenants. The complaint from the tenant is usually that the walls are damp; the ceiling is damp; the floor is damp – and the mere mention or suggestion from housing or technical staff that it might be condensation is normally met with a fairly strong reaction from the tenant.

The Reduce Mouldy DVD identifies key areas which perhaps the tenant is unaware contribute to the problem of moisture and mould in the house. Rather than the usual ‘turn up your heating’ and ‘open your windows’ approach, the DVD offer a gentler (as well as fun and engaging) method of suggesting ideas to help reduce moisture and lower the occurrence of visible condensation, and subsequent inevitable black mould on the walls and ceiling of the home.

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The main purpose of this fun animation is to try and involve and engage the tenant in taking a more positive approach to improving their lifestyle – which eventually will help local authorities, housing associations and private landlords reduce their maintenance costs on this annual problem.

The benefit to the tenant is that by adopting a few simple measures they will reduce condensation on windows and cold surface, prevent clothes and furnishings becoming musty and lower the problems of mould occurring on walls and ceilings,

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