Biocheck Matt Emulsion

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Biocheck Matt Emulsion
Biocheck Matt Fungicidal Emulsion is the first stage in MGC’s mould eradication system, it has a unique fungicide which prevents mould growing and is designed read more

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The BIOCHECK RANGE contains unique biocides which prevent the growth of mould on walls and ceilings even in properties suffering from extreme condensation problems.  The tests, described opposite, carried out by The Building Research Advisory Service, show the long-term effectiveness of BIOCHECK in preventing the return of mould growth on surfaces prone to condensation. BIOCHECK fungicidal emulsion has been successfully used and specified by Local Authorities, Housing Associations, private landlords and homeowners throughout the UK for over 50 years.  It is approved under COPR 1986 (as amended) by the Health and Safety Executive and is listed in M3NHF Schedule of Rates for mould treatment. 

Pack size and colours

Biocheck Fungicidal Emulsion Paint is available in:

  • 2.5 litres and 5 litres in White Matt finish.
  • 2.5 litres and 5 litres in Magnolia Matt finish.
  • 5 litres are also available in 10 pastel shades:  Rose White, Apple White, Autumn White, Magnolia, Pale Green, Pale Blue, Buttermilk, China Blue, Pink, Sugared Almond and White in Matt finish.
  1. BIOCHECK Fungicidal Emulsion Paint was completely resistant to colonisation and growth of mould fungi and pink yeasts after 12 weeks exposure when tested by the flat panel/humidty test method. (This is clearly illustrated in the Building Research Advisory photograph).
  2. On the basis of the results obtained BIOCHECK Fungicidal Emulsion Paint can be expected to resist the growth of moulds on interior surfaces prone to condensation and mould growth. 

Specification to Eradicate Severe Mould 

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