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With the clocks going back and winter upon us  it heralds the arrival of colder weather and the heating going on. However, you may notice, despite the heating on, the house still isn’t warming up. This could mean you’re home is in need of insulating particularly if is of solid wall construction.

Our Sempatap Thermal is a quick and easy insulation solution to insulate your home, feel warm, and save money on your heating bills over the winter months. You may have seen the benefits in the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and The I and Metro. If you happened to miss these adverts, here’s what you need to know.

Did you know living in a sold wall property can be expensive? Between 45 – 50% of heat could be escaping through your walls. This means without good insulation, your fuel bills could be higher than they should be and your property isn’t energy efficient. Sempatatp Thermal Solid Wall insulation is an affordable insulation solution that can easily be applied on any solid wall, including:

  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Concrete

Or roofs and ceilings, such as

  • Mansard roofs
  • Dormer ceilings

Sempatap Thermal is only 1cm thick and is applied just like wallpaper with minimum disruption, it will not reduce room size and helps to retain architectural features. See how easy it is to apply here.

The insulation can be decorated with virtually anything, such as wallpaper, emulsion and even tiles. The life expectancy of Sempatap Thermal is 30 years, which has been tested by the National Physical Laboratory and Building Research Establishment. Enjoy many years of extra warmth, comfort and reduced heating bills!

For more information or to order our Sempatatp Thermal with 30% off, call us on 01372 743 333.

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