Peltier Dehumidifier with 2L Tank Capacity EH1210

This dehumidifier utilises a thermo electric Peltier module so there is no compressor and low power consumption. The dehumidifier is light weight and portable and will extract moisture at the rate of 350ml at 30 degrees C and 80% Relative Humidity. It is easy to operate has a 2 litre water tank, auto shut off when the tank is full and an built in carry handle

eh1210cropPrice excluding carriage

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Ref. No.                                                             EH1210

Type                                                                   UK Model

Net weight (kg)                                                  2.2

Colour                                                                Black/Silver

Product Dimensions (mm)                                 320x200x120

Moisture Removal (litre/day)                             0.35

Operating temperatures (°C)                         5-35

Water tank/condensate capacity (L)                  2

Removable water tank for easy empty              Yes

Electronic controls                                             No

Water tank full auto shut off                             Yes

Water tank full alarm or light                             Yes

Noise level (dB(A))                                           49

Power (W)                                                          60

Auto restart after power cut                              No

Auto swing louvre                                             No

Carry handle(s)                                                  Yes

Continuous drainage option                               No

Continuous run (until tank full)                         Yes

Cord storage                                                      No

Fitted castors/wheels                                         No